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Our Story

The Philadelphia skyline has been more active in the last 20 years than at any other point in our history. 

Our city is rapidly expanding as new construction flourishes — we’ve seen everything from infill new townhomes and condos to creative commercial and adaptive reuse projects. “Eds and Meds” (that would be universities and hospitals for the uninitiated) are consistent predictors of jobs and population; as they continue to thrive, the markets in our local neighborhoods strengthen. 

New construction is incredibly nuanced and detail oriented, and requires a completely different set of skills to assess value and navigate the process. Through years of experience on both sides of new construction transactions, our brokerage has developed a collaborative in-house ecosystem of agents that can handle any curveball from breaking ground to the punch-list. We believe that our comprehensive approach to new construction projects gives both buyers and sellers a strong foundation from which to build.


Buying New Construction

Our agents are experts in the new construction process — after all, expert guides create the best journeys.

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